‘MPG News

The WMPG News airs every weekday morning at 7 and 8 a.m., with five fabulous anchors bringing you all the headlines you need to start your day. These media pros — seriously, click their names, they boast some impressive resumes — also host produced spots created by our crack team of citizen journalists, who fan out across Southern Maine to bring you compelling stories that speak to who we are and how we live, in this place, and at this time. Whether it’s reviewing the latest misdeeds by your least favorite politician, the newest protest of your favorite local activist, or just a sit-down with someone celebrating life as a centenarian, you’ll find it here.

Quirky. Smart. Hyper-local. Anti-sensational. That’s ‘MPG News.


Monday — Alec Hirschberg
Tuesday — Krysteana Scribner
Wednesday — Logan Puck
Thursday — Duke Harrington/Charlotte Rutty
Friday — Jonathan Woodward


Gus Goodwin; Lorenzo Raffa; Logan Puck

Listen to reports filed by all of our current and past reporters, archived here.


And, of course, the WMPG News Team wishes to thank the morning DJ’s who make the time during their broadcasts that allows the news to happen. You guys rock!

Monday — Fascinating Rhythms, with Kathy G
Tuesday — The Grooveyard Shift, with Brother John
Wednesday — Good Morning Vibes, with Lars
Thursday — Hukkin’ a Chainek, with Steve Hirshon
Friday — Morning Street, with Deb Gallagher

You may wish to peruse some of the news and public affairs shows on WMPG, which can be accessed via the programming grid.