B4 the Drop/ K-Pop Hits Mega Mix

On Sat from 01:30 pm EST to 03:00 pm EST


B4 the drop

alternating weeks: USM student SPARRO\^/HAWK brings you B4 the Drop. Playing everything EDM from the recent releases to the ambient house tracks, and from remixes to bangers to get ready for your night out! Feel free to follow on Facebook and email at sparrowhawkkw@gmail.com! Here’s my Twitter account as well (If you’re up for some cartoony artistry and other content along with your EDM).

And on alternate weeks: DJ Jon brings you K-Pop Hits Mega Mix 90 minutes of the latest and best K-Pop jams mixed at break-neck speeds by DJ Jon. Check out the archive and on our website! Follow @kpopmaine on Instagram Twitter Facebook and @djjonmaine on Instagram Twitter Facebook