Sanctuary of Metal / The Batcave

On Fri from 11:30 pm EST to 01:00 am EST


Alteranting Weeks:
The Batcave – Named after the short-lived early 80s London club of the same name. Hosted by Sebastiane, who aims to play old club favourites along with more modern tunes. Expect to ride the waves of cold, dark and synth as well as some newer more eclectic tracks. Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Post-Punk, and a sprinkle of Indie for good measure. If the club was still around, they’d probably play stuff like this.

Sanctuary of Metal – Renowned throughout the realms of life and death is a place where all are welcome, a place where the Metal flows like water and glorious tales are told. Every other week Nightfall will bring you to a new section of the never ending castle that is the Sanctuary of Metal with a themed show, showcasing the best metal possible as well as introspective takes about music and behind the scenes details of the biggest cult classics and the newest hits from all over the world. So come and rest, be you weary warrior or wandering traveler.