Flora, Fungi & Friends / Amazing Mainers

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Two great great shows. Join USM’s sustainability Director Aaron Witham as he takes us on an exploration of what surrounds us in the great outdoors with Flora, Fungi & Friends.

And, Amazing Mainers. Have you ever wondered who your neighbors are or what they do? No, not the people who live next door, but all the other people who live in the same state of Maine as you do and who share the state’s unique character and way of way of life. In fact, we are speaking of our fellow citizens who actually define and make up Maine’s culture and activities. Amazing Mainers is a 30-minute program that attempts to acquaint us with these same neighbors we all share in common. The host, LC Van Savage, personally conducts phone interviews with the unique (amazing) Mainers state-wide, who are our neighbors. They have some fascinating stories to tell about their professions, hobbies, lives or whatever else about them that might be amazing to radio listeners.