Right on for the Darkness

On Wed from 11:30 pm EST to 01:00 am EST


Right On For The Darkness is a celebration of soul. Each week, Eric combs his record collection for classic funk, jazz, and R&B deep cuts from their heyday in the 1970’s. Each episode might celebrate a little known session player, highlight the output of a visionary record label, create an opera-like narrative from 70’s Black cinema soundtracks, or dig into mid-seventies dark disco-funk, but every episode grooves. Come together in solidarity on the one each Wednesday night from 11:30p – 1:00a and give thanks with Eric for this unique era in (Black) American music when its unabashedly political, righteous, sensual, defiant, and fun spirit infiltrated the masses…in other words, a time when for a brief moment, the Funk spread across the land.