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On Wed from 11:30 pm EST to 01:00 am EST

Music of Words is Folk, Jazz, Soul and Rock with Spoken Word intermingled. There is an emphasis on meaningful/thoughtful lyrics. The show explores music and words to find where poetry and music can live and breathe together over the airwaves.

You never know whose voice you might hear emerge from your speakers; Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Raymond Carver, Sylvia Plath, Joseph Campbell have all visited so far.

From time to time we will visit The Recollection Radio Show portion of the show, which is dedicated to the importance of music in our ever-changing lives. It is a testament to how music shapes and informs who we are and how we see our world. RRS interweaves personal recollections of songs along with playing the songs themselves.

Listeners can go to my website, and fill the simple form out under the link “Be Part of the Show”. I will create my playlist using your memories and songs that spark them. The idea is to help foster an appreciation of how music matters to us and how it has been essential in shaping our understanding of love, life, dreams and wishes.

Let me help you get through the middle of the week with great music and words married together for your enjoyment!

Step-Dad Central
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Playing songs you have to put up with, songs you used to love, and all the latest hip music the cool kids are playing. A free-form program playing a mix of music across the decades, usually something with a bouncy beat that will get stuck in your head. Starting with some garage rock and pop and going straight past eclectic into Weird.

This program reserves the right to change the music choices, format, and attitude at anytime so tune in and see what kind of music you’ll get. No thematic restrictions or stinkin’ badges and no idea what we’ll play next. Alternating Wednesday nights from 11:30PM to 1:00AM.