Underwriting & Business Support

Underwriting at WMPG

WMPG invites businesses and non-profits to become underwriters on our airwaves – both on 90.9FM, on our streaming services and on our WMPG app.  By connecting to WMPG listeners, you will tap into a passionate and community minded population eager to support you.

Why underwriting makes sense:

A:  Audience:  It’s always about the audience. Community Radio listenership is driven by education and WMPG is no exception. With education often comes affluence. Our listeners are in their prime consuming years and have above average income.

B:  Lack of Clutter:  In today’s overly commercial world people have developed a wary view of the bombardment of ads. WMPG offers a clutter free environment, playing a maximum of two minutes per hour of underwriting credits. Research shows that public  and community radio listeners feel better about a company that supports public/community radio. Our listeners will hear your messages and respond.

C:  Connection and Community:  Underwriting WMPG offers real connection to the passion and authenticity that our volunteer hosts bring to the airwaves. There are few places where companies and organizations can connect to something so organic and grassroots and become a part of the community it serves. WMPG is one of those places.  

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is the non-commercial version of advertising… an announcement that describes your business or organization, what you do and the services you provide, without promotional commercial language or calls to action. We use creative language to deliver your message to the listeners in a way that is compatible with the NCE (Non-Commercial Educational) license we hold. Underwriting is one of the ways in which the local business and non-profit communities support WMPG radio and the service we provide to the region.

Becoming an Underwriter is easy! Three steps: decide your budget, your message and your target audience.  Annella will guide you through the rest and make sure that what we read truly represents the message you would like our listeners to hear.

Call or email the Development Director, Annella Linton, (207 780 4151), to set up your underwriting program on WMPG. Long term or short term, every day or once weekly, large contract or small, we will tailor your underwriting campaign to meet your needs.

We also seek community business supporters for particular shows by way of sponsorship – a way for your business to donate to WMPG and support specific programming.  Prices on request – email Annella Linton

WMPG Underwriters

We encourage our listeners to see what our underwriters are all about, and to support them as they support this station. Most of our underwriters are local companies selling and producing local products, and local organizations discussing and resolving local issues. Thanks to all of our underwriters, and thanks to you for checking them out.

If you engage with a local business or organization, please let them know you heard their message on WMPG. We will appreciate it, and so will they!

Underwrite at WMPG