Dead By Dawn

On Sat from 11:00 pm EST to 01:00 am EST

Remy Brecht & Sam share the fruits of their nomadic travels and crate-digging expeditions in a race against the coming of the light, with a focus on underground gems from the past half-century. Expect everything from post-punk, goth, industrial, deathrock, noise, EBM, dark ambient, IDM, horror soundtracks, dark 80’s, experimental to touches of new wave, glam rock, retro synth, and beyond!

Some of our favorite record labels include, but are not limited to: Wax Trax!, Sacred Bones, Dark Entries, Re-Constriction, Fifth Colvmn, Metropolis, Cleopatra, Alfa Matrix, Artoffact, Cold Spring, Ant-Zen, Hymen, Malignant, Fabrika, Projekt, 21st Circuitry, Invisible, Mute, Phantasma Disques, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe,, Mexican Summer, Nettwerk, 4AD, Beggar’s Banquet, Van Richter…