The Otherwise

On Tue from 08:30 am EST to 10:30 am EST
With: Liz


Music for weirdos, townies, well-read anarchists, wandering witches, and lost sailors.

A peculiar mix of power pop, folk, cowboy music, new wave, tropic punk, and sea shanties.

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Marge Dooley

Linz-PAUL-Katzie-Phlibie, WMPG…. “thank you” for the entertainment, stories, and the wonderful start to my day. Food for the soul!

Michael Cutting

Katzie: more of a question…today y’all played a tune with Willie Nelson & Johnny
Cash (Ghost Riders in the Sky)…and it appears that spinitron “skipped” that tune. I was wondering what album it was on, hoping to find who played that BEAUTIFUL short guitar lick kinda near the beginning. I’d appreciate a hint on this. Thanks, M

In reading your site, you mention KOMA radio (and TV) out of OKC. Listened to them for many hundreds of hours over the years growing up in Enid. What was the name of the announcer that wore so many hats on the station…Danny somebody.


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