Making Contact

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making-contact-logoIn 1994 a group of progressive radio producers and media critics gathered in an Oakland, California café to build a powerful national media outlet for our voices.

Radio producers including David Barsamian, media critic Norman Solomon, and “roll-up-yer-sleeves” community organizers Peggy and John Law, were joined by hundreds of others from across the country who shared their vision: To produce media that analyzes critical issues and showcases grassroots solutions, in order to inform and inspire audiences to take action. To fill a need for high quality journalism that tells stories in our own words and connects us to one another. They were determined to build an organization driven and fueled by community support and not by corporate underwriting or a commercial bottom-line.

These founding principles remain firmly in place today. What started out as a 13-week experiment highlighting progressive community perspectives is now a multimedia digital destination for information,analysis, activism and hope.