To Be Determined/ Fever Dream

On Mon from 07:30 pm EST to 08:30 pm EST
With: Hannah, Emily


To Be Determined every show I’ll be curating a new playlist based on whatever I feel like for that week, people aren’t gonna know until they tune in. Sometimes the show will be themed for the holidays (halloween, Christmas) but other times it’s just themed around a certain emotion I want people to feel or topic I want to explore. I plan on keeping it in the realm of rock but people shouldn’t be surprised if I throw in pop or even heavy metal in there.

and on alternating weeks: Fever Dream. They say that your personality is a composite of the people that you are closest to. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s true for my music taste. You’ll hear rock, country, pop, and more, spanning many decades, all courtesy of my friends and family. I’ll also talk about travel, history, books, and more. Tune in and hang out! Find me on Instagram @emily.ireland1 to see past playlists, pictures of my puppies, or to get in touch.