Perky’s Auditory Canal / The Bat Cave

On Sat from 01:00 am EST to 04:00 am EST

2 great shows that alternate weeks.

Perky’s Auditory Canal – eclectic music mix with Perky.

The Batcave – Named after the short-lived early 80s London club of the same name. Hosted by Sebastiane, who aims to play old club favourites along with more modern tunes. Expect to ride the waves of cold, dark and synth as well as some newer more eclectic tracks. Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Post-Punk, and a sprinkle of Indie for good measure. If the club was still around, they’d probably play stuff like this.


Isaac Shainblum

The 1 to 4 slot has changed to one program titled “Anything Goes” ..

I am Isaac, the new host, and hope some of you were able to tune in to my first aired program overnight! We featured Sina’s ‘Chi Might’ album. Apologize that there is no archived program yet, it’s coming … Thank you listeners!!

Judy Faust

John Mariano’s songs, especially, “I Don’t Know”, is pure inventive, and soul felt music. His music will be available soon on his website. More great songs coming soon. Let him know how you liked these.

Isaac Shainblum

Sorry , …but welcome…to “Anything Goes!” i am Isaac the new host in this timeslot. Hope you enjoyed my first program featuring Sina on drums with her first album project “Chi Might” ! Hopefully will be archived soon!
Thanks and please leave comments if you tuned in earlier this morning!
your host,


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