Parking at USM

Payment is now required at USM. 

Visitors and Guests

Option 1: This shows a visitor coming on campus and using the sign. All signs will be posted at the pedestrian entry and exits to include stairwells.

  1. Enter your license plate
  2. Select your rate
  3. Select Promo code and enter the code (if applicable)
  4. Enter credit card and pay (may not be needed if promo code entered)

Option 2:

Here is the online access for visitors: Pay Online & pre arrival.

  1. (Optional) Click: Start Time “Now”. Select date/time. Click Set.
  2. Click book now (if clicking garage 1 link)
  3. Select rate
  4. Log in or sign up (need cell phone for verification code)
  5. Enter license plate number
  6. Select your rate
  7. Select Promo code and enter the validation code (if applicable)
  8. Enter credit card and pay

Option 3: 

You can also download the app on your mobile device.
Pre-arrival parking payment is available through the online system and through the app. This is not reserved parking.
Download for Android | Download for IOS