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On Mon from 01:00 pm EST to 01:30 pm EST

Welcome to OUT Cast, a new half-hour talk show on WMPG with co-hosts Steve, Madeline and Stan. We intend to address a broad range of issues of interest to the LGBTQ+ community here in Maine, both topical and historical; ranging from politics to job issues, parenting, books, local events, health care and we welcome suggestions from our audience. We want the show to be relevant to youth and elders alike and to address the growing diversity in our community. This is an ambitious agenda, but we welcome the opportunity we have gotten from WMPG to give voice to our communal concerns at a pivotal time in history. For example, 2 of our December shows will focus on transgender rights as the Trump administration attempts to eliminate the gains that have been made over the past few decades. There will be generous doses of humor on the way with phone-in and in-studio interviews as part of the mix. We will also entertain calls from the listening audience.


Moira Rascati

I really enjoyed this show. If you want a food person in on an in person discussion I am an adjunct culinary educator at SMCC and a working chef.

Stephen Joffe

Moira –

Coffee and conversation? You can reach me through my cell 650-799-7150

I am away until Sunday night but could meet next week for an intro conversation.



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