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My name is Stephen Joffe, your host. I have a passion for food and stories: eating delicious food of all types. The art and process of creatively cooking is another deep interest. Another passion is the exploration of a story. The richness from the story can highlight and increase the anticipation and the pleasure.

Each week Food Stories will bring you conversational explorations about restaurants and various food businesses in and around Portland, Maine. We will interview an owner, founder, chef, baker, brewer, distiller, mixologist, creator of a food business that is part of the expanding, nationally recognized food movement in the Portland, Maine area.

Where did the name of the business come from? What was the inspiration and story behind the business creation? What is the vision that drives the day to day operation and where does it come from? We will explore these questions and more as we meander and discover part of the story behind each creative food business.

The food diversity that is in Portland is growing and ever changing. We will explore the stories of old favorites on the scene for years, as well as newcomers bursting into the environment. Many are nationally recognized already, some by word of mouth throughout the community.


Moira Rascati

I really enjoyed this show. If you want a food person in on an in person discussion I am an adjunct culinary educator at SMCC and a working chef.

Stephen Joffe

Moira –

Coffee and conversation? You can reach me through my cell 650-799-7150

I am away until Sunday night but could meet next week for an intro conversation.



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