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Fare thee well, from Dale Robin Goodman

WMPG Friends,

The time has come for me to say farewell to my Development Director seat at WMPG! I have finally admitted to being old enough to retire!

“Retire?” you ask? We thought you were having so much fun!”

The USM's ROCC Radio hour on WMPG - Tuesday March 30th - archived for you.

On Tuesday March 30th WMPG presented the ROCC Radio Hour – with Chris Corson the Program Coordinator for the ROCC and Keith Danner, Counselor from USM’s Health and Counseling. ROCC stands for Recovery Oriented Campus Center from USM. They had an in-depth discussion on a number of things including how Covid-19 has impacted students and their mental health and substance abuse. Missed the show? No problem – click here to listen to archive.

Begathon Thank You Gifts and an Update

Hello Friends! Spring 2021 Begathon last week, and we are so pleased to say THANK YOU to all who donated to keep WMPG strong and in good shape for another 6 months.   We have reached our fundraising goal of $55,000 for the Spring campaign. Just as touching to all of us here as your generosity, are your words of appreciation for the extra efforts by our volunteer DJs and producers during this year of Covid… and we are not done yet.

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