A Circle of Sound

On Sat from 06:30 am EST to 08:00 am EST
With: John

A show for early risers. If you like traditional and contemporary jazz, funk, soul and maybe a touch of new age and global music, then this show is for you.



Though on-air requests are tough (I have to vet all tracks for FCC compliance), please comment track requests or listening suggestions here – I’m all ears!

Laura Lee Sawyer

Yet another wonderful show… from beginning to end. So thankful for A Circle of Sound, WMPG, and YOU!


Hi Laura Lee,
Thank you very much for listening!
I am so happy that you enjoy the show.
Say Hi to Chuck!
All the best…..John

Laura Lee Sawyer

Good Morning, John.
Sometimes the archives get a little messed up…. and I have accepted that… but I set my alarm especially early to catch your 10.27 show one more time before tosay’s show. But, alas, it was gone. Any fixing that? Long shot…because it was due to roll off later today anyway….oh well, one can always ask! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Laura Lee Sawyer

Hello again…what a beautiful show today!
I tried to call you after you played Pink Martini and Amy Grant.
Loved to hear a new tune by the former and cried all the way through Grown up Christmas List…( one of my very favorites forever) I must have needed that. Also โ€ฆ so good on you for sharing the tribute to Steve.
Is it next Saturday at 6:30, yet? Thank God for the archives… even if they have a few hiccups! ๐Ÿ˜‰
*** FYI… I called 5-6 times this morning… just rang and rang and rang. Phone issues maybe?***


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