Our commitment to increasing USM student engagement at our University station.

WMPG radio was formed 50 years ago by a handful of students who started making radio in their dorm room on the Gorham campus of the University of Southern Maine (USM).  We are USM’s radio station and are housed within the Portland campus.  Currently our volunteers are made up of community members, students, and university Staff. 

In November 2021, the WMPG management team were asked by USM’s President, Provost, and key administration, to integrate and work more within the entire campus .  We are committed to strengthening our relationship with USM and providing a voice to a new generation of USM audio producers while being mindful of our broader community listenership. Our goal is to attract more students to work study positions, internships and, of course, as DJ’s. 

We  began a campaign of outreach at the beginning of the last academic year and have been working on increasing these collaborations within USM.  We have been airing Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for USM departments, broadcasting talk shows, promoting  USM events, publishing podcasts by faculty, staff and students.  For example radio shows and podcasts from our USM community include:

  • Sister Stargazer
  • Franco-American Pathways
  • Osher Maps Podcast
  • Funghi, Fauna & Friends
  • Library Times (Glickman Library)
  • Magic Rat
  • Friday Reset
  • Power Out
  • No Longer Dangerous
  • The Smoothie
  • B4 the Drop
  • Crossing the Rubicon
  • The Beat Don’t Stop
  • Release the Bats
  • OSA Podcast
  • Sports Jam
  • Esoteric Know-How

Going forward, we plan to increase the percentage of students doing radio shows on-air. Our goal is to have 50% students and 50% community members on-air in three years. This is our priority for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.