Spotlight on Public Affairs shows on WMPG

Do you know about our amazing Public Affairs shows?

WMPG Public Affairs Shows PosterWMPG is putting the spotlight on our incredible public affairs shows. Focused on bringing together and informing the Greater Portland Community, these seven shows are connecting us with what’s going on in our community, and we’d love for you to give them a listen.

First up in the week is Community Voices for Change, with host Richard Rudolph, airing Mondays at 11:30 AM. In his talk show, Richard highlights the hard work of individuals and organizations who have been dedicated to helping better communities across Maine, New England, and nationally. To get a taste of their show, you can listen to their archives here.

On Tuesdays we hear from Intercultural Insights at 11:30 AM, a show surrounding the work of four different groups. On the first Tuesday of the month, the Black Owned Maine Podcast airs– highlighting Black entrepreneurs in Maine sharing their stories to build a better future for the next generation of Black Mainers. We hear from Returning the Land, hosted by USM’s Dr. David Lowry, on the second Tuesday of the month, who places a focus on indigenous voices, and their calls for justice and land back. The third Tuesday of the month brings us to Dr. Idella Glenn, the Vice President of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Impact at USM. In her show, she discusses ways to build a better community at University of Southern Maine. And, finally, the last Tuesday of the month, we hear from Voices and Visions: the Podcast, an artist talk series brought to us by two Indigo Arts Alliance alums every month, who discuss their artistic processes, and experiences in residency at the Indigo Arts Alliance. Their archives can be found here.

Moving to Wednesdays, tune in at 11:30 AM to hear from Don Kimball, a USAF veteran, in his show Friendly Fire: A Voice for Veterans. In this show, he discusses as variety of topics relating to pressing veteran issues, such as PTSD, suicide rates, ongoing war, homelessness, and much more. The archived shows can be found here.

Wednesdays also brings us Amjambo Time, Wiriwe Maine, and Bonjour Maine at 7 PM, shows that focus on Maine’s communities of African Immigrants. The shows air and discuss topics surrounding the communities and alternate weekly. These two shows have a focus in bringing together Maine’s African Immigrant community, as well as helping new coming immigrant navigate life in the Southern Maine. Run by Amjambo Africa, you can find the archives here.

Thursdays, we’re in for a treat, as we hear from not one, but two public affairs shows! First up is Let’s Connect Greater Portland at 11:30 AM with Kristina Egan. In this show, we take a look at how tons in the Greater Portland area are overcoming challenges they face within their communities, such as housing, economic development, infrastructure, climate change, and transportation. Hosted by the team at the Greater Portland Council of Governments, you can find the archives here.

Later in the evening at 6 pm air Blunt Youth Radio, one of WMPG lBlunt Youth Radio ongest running shows. Blunt Youth Radio, run by Maine teenagers, discusses a variety of topics that interest and concern today’s teens. This fantastic show has won thirteen regional and national awards, as well as aired on international radio broadcasts such as NPR, BBC, and This American Life. Tune in every week to hear the wise words of Maine teenagers on the topics they care about the most. The archives for this show can be found here.

On Fridays at 11:30 AM we here from hosts Sarah and Bernie on their amazing show, Scientifically Speaking. The show discusses a variety of scientific phenomenon, news, and scientific endeavors, here, at University of Southern Maine. They also interview a variety of scientific guests, and boost the voice of Maine based scientists. You can listen to their archives here.

Ending the week on Sunday, Justice Radio airs at 1:30 PM to discuss Maine’s legal system. Putting a focus on prison reform, reentry, and exploring various topics relating to justice and ideas surrounding prison, the show alternates through a variety of hosts and includes many guests from various backgrounds within the legal system. You can learn more about them on their FaceBook page, and listen to their archive here.

We are so proud of our public affairs shows, and even happier to be able to air them regularly for our Greater Portland community. You can catch any of the above shows on WMPG 90.9 FM, on our website stream, or our app, available on the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.