Evenin’ Sun – The Gumbo Shop

On Thu from 05:00 pm EST to 07:00 pm EST

Thursday Evening Sun is called “The Gumbo Shop”. Gumbo is an ethnic stew originating in Africa. Gumbo is a staple among African-Americans throughout the country especially in the South. Gumbo has a base of different additives, depending on availability. My Gumbo is based with Blues, heavy doses of Southern Soul and Funk. I mix in some Zydeco and Cajun for Spice. Traditional Gospel finds its way into the shop from time to time. Louisiana Music is also a personal favorite, played often in the shop. Fall by “The Gumbo Shop”, Thursdays 5-7pm, hosted by Daddy-G. Feel free to give me a call 780-4909, I’d love to meet ya! Daddy-G