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Pride at WMPG

WMPG honors and celebrates Pride.  This month we will have special programming from our DJ’s and hosts

Pride Portland is on June 17th.

Saturday June 17th 2023 – Pride in Maine

  • Join Annella and guests for special program facilitated by Megan McGregor (USM) and Steve Bull. June 17th – 8am – 10.30am
    • Guests: Wendy Chapkis, Ren (Pride Portland), Dale McCormick, Lois Reckitt, Dal Maxwell and more.. (to be updated)
    Pilar (NPILAR) and Annella host an hour of music, trivia and chat. 10.30am – 11.30am

    Friday June 16 6.30am – 8.30am – The Otherwise with Liz

    • Music featuring LGBTQ+ country, folk and bluegrass from past to present

    Monday, June 19th – Palm Wine Radio with-D.J. Zachariah 1pm 

    • The Persecution of LGBTQ+ Individuals in Africa

    Africa, a continent renowned for its rich cultural diversity and history, unfortunately, remains a challenging place for many LGBTQ+ individuals. Despite significant progress made globally in recognizing and protecting the rights of sexual and gender minorities, a substantial number of African countries still exhibit deep-rooted prejudices and discriminatory practices against the LGBTQ+ community.

WMPG surpasses fundraising goal!

Listeners of WMPG, USM community and people of the world!  With a few last minute donations, we surpassed our goal of $55K. Thank you to all who called in, donated online and donated in person helping us reach that $55K. We picked up new sustainer donors too. If you chose a gift, call in and grab it weekdays Mon – Fri. Thanks to our business supporters for contributing gifts and thanks to our volunteers who helped answer the phones. Looking forward to thanking you all in person when we can!