16 Featured WMPG Talk Shows and Podcasts

In case you’ve been missing out on some of our diverse and informative talk show programming here on WMPG, here are 16 of the best featured programs on our regular broadcasting schedule. You can tune in live or listen to a show’s back catalogue right from our website.


OUT Cast @ 1-1:30pm

“OUT Cast” is a half-hour talk show addressing a broad range of issues of interest to the LGBTQ+ community here in Maine, both topical and historical; ranging from politics to job issues, parenting, books, local events, and health care.

Hosts Steve, Dal, and Stan also welcome suggestions from their audience.  Read more >>

Amazing Mainers @ 7-7:30pm

Have you ever wondered who your neighbors are or what they do? No, not the people who live next door, but all the other people who live in the same state of Maine as you do and who share the state’s unique character and way of way of life. In fact, we are speaking of our fellow citizens who actually define and make up Maine’s culture and activities.

Amazing Mainers” is a 30-minute program that attempts to acquaint us with these same neighbors we all share in common. The host, LC Van Savage, personally conducts phone interviews with the unique (amazing) Mainers state-wide, who are our neighbors. They have some fascinating stories to tell about their professions, hobbies, lives or whatever else about them that might be amazing to radio listeners.


What Mama Wants @1-1:30pm

“What Mama Wants” is a program that considers how Mother Earth is impacted by toxic chemicals. It is designed to inform and inspire. Interviews with scientists, legislators, citizens, and educators are delivered in a way that is straightforward and not too overwhelming. Host Kate Manahan shares ideas about possible solutions and how to engage with the community to work toward a healthier planet and population. Each guest’s stories inform the public health conversation about PFAS and other toxic pollutants in our daily lives.

Ruby Peru’s Storytime Podcast @ 1-1:30pm

Join author Ruby Peru in listening to the chapters of a dramatized audiobook and discussing writing fiction, producing audiobooks, ghostwriting, and more.

Her “Storytime Podcast” is a fun and informative half hour for writers, actors, and anyone interested in story!


Brain Freeze @ 7-7:30pm

Join hosts Lex and David for discussions about physical and mental wellness on “Brain Freeze”.


Friendly Fire: A Voice for Veterans @ 1-1:30pm

Friendly Fire” is an informative program hosted by Don Kimball, a USAF veteran, covering important issues such as PTSD, homelessness, veteran suicide, endless war and the many other issues confronting military members both active duty and retired.

Offline @ 7-7:30pm

“Offline” is a scant half-hour of outspoken spoken word and thrilling sound design, fiction/non-fiction, vintage/brand-new, voiced by a cast of thousands, produced by Dan Bernard and Michael Townsend.

Community Voices for Change @ 7:30-8pm

“Community Voices for Change” is a talk show highlighting the work of individuals and organizations working to enhance the greater good of communities. The show, produced and hosted by Richard Rudolph, is also based on the writings of Howard Zinn and other writers who believe if we can get organized “Small acts” multiplied by hundreds, thousands of people we can transform our communities, the state and even possibly the world. 

Business Pants @ 8-8:30pm

Modern corporations are free to maximize their wealth but owe nothing to the individuals and communities around them. Today’s CEOs are beholden to one thing only–profit for profit’s sake–and our communities, our workforce, and our environment frequently suffer for it. Hosts Damion and Matt started Business Pants to answer some of life’s most annoying questions, like why are there more white dudes named “John” that run companies than all the women running companies combined? Using fact-based snark and a healthy dose of idealism and cynicism, they aim to make investing and business news and ideas more human and accessible for outsiders who want a way in and insiders who want a different view.


In the Arts @ 1-1:30pm

Join performing arts curator Shoni Currier on “In the Arts” as she chats with artists, curators, and administrators about how they create work. A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on art shows.

In the Pocket @ 7-7:30pm

“In The Pocket” is a talk show in interview/conversational tone. Listen to BIPOC creatives talk about their artwork. Hosted by Flo.

Inspired Natives @ 7:30-8pm

Inspired Natives” is a celebration of the many lives and identities Native community members embody. So often Native Americans struggle to be visible, to be heard, to have space to thrive, and celebrate Native joy.

Their stories in the arts, entertainment, culture, life, history, education, politics, advocacy and joy deserve to have a platform and host April Fournier is honored to facilitate this. 


Cinema Hits & Misses @ 8-8:30pm

More than just a movie review show, “Cinema Hits & Misses” is an in-depth discussion on current mainstream & independent films.  Hosts Dawn, John, Ryan, Gail, and Terri love watching movies, making movies, and talking about movies. They’re the friends who want to help you discover hidden gems and avoid regrettable movie choices. This is a call-in show, so feel free to add your opinion.


Scientifically Speaking @ 1-1:30pm

Scientifically Speaking” features science news and analysis, and guests from all walks and persuasions. The main goal is to act as a voice and collaborative hub for Science endeavors here at USM and beyond. The show is hosted by Bernie Reim, Sarah Chang, Shawn Seaman, and Bern Vallier.

Indigenous in Music @ 7-7:30pm

Join host Larry K from the Ho Chunk Nation as he brings you a mix of Indigenous music. Enjoy live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere.


Voices from Near & Far @ 11:30am-12:30pm

“Voices from Near & and Far” represents various talk show programming during the 11:30am-12:30pm window on Sundays:

  • 1st Sunday of the month: Democracy Forum from WERU radio with Ann Luther.
  • 2nd Sunday of the month: Wabanaki Windows from WERU with Donna Loring a candid discussion on topics and hot button issues through Wabanaki eyes.
  • 3rd Sunday of the month: Port Lit, Authors discussion from the Portland Public Libraries Brown Bag lunch series
  • 4th Sunday of the month: Voices of the World, Rupal Ramesh Shah, a public health professional talks to people from all over the world who are working in the field of healthcare and leading various public health initiatives in their country.