Community Voices for Change

On Thu from 07:30 pm EST to 08:00 pm EST

Community Voices for Change is a talk show highlighting the work of individuals and organizations working to enhance the greater good of communities.  Producer and Host Richard Rudolph begins each show with  music from Sam Cooke’s Ain’t That Good News Album -“A Change is Gonna Come”.  The show is also based on the writings of Howard Zinn and other writers who believe if we get organized “Small acts”  multiplied by hundreds, thousands of people we can transform our communities, the state and possibly even the world.  Jam Lewis, is the sound engineer.

Upcoming Shows

February 21:  Jeff Clements, President of American Promise and staff member, Wambui Gatheru, Citizen Empowerment Coordinator,  will talk about their organization leading the charge to win the 28th Amendment so We the People – not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern the United States of America.  The Amendment process will help set reasonable spending limits in  political elections, so that all Americans—regardless of net worth—can take responsibility for our lives, govern ourselves, and honor our national destiny.
February 14:   The show will feature Sandra Howard of Caratunk, a Registered Maine Guide and a Say NO to NECEC member.  It will focus on why CMP’s New England Clean Energy Connect is a bad idea.  “Massachusetts tapped Maine as the cheapest place to install their cord from Quebec after New Hampshire rejected a similar proposal.”  CMP “proposal to construct 100-foot steel towers along a brand-new power line corridor as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike through western Maine has generated a firestorm of controversy.”


Archive Descriptions

February 7:  Paula Voelker, Executive Director of the Maine Education Association and  Suzen Polk-Hoffses, a pre-K teacher at the Milbridge Elementary School  located in Washington County will talk about why pre-K education should be expanded across Maine.  Expanding public preschool is one of Governor Mills’ top education priorities.

January 31:  Alice D. Elliott,  Director, Sierra Club Maine Chapter , will talk about the present goals of this grassroots environmental organization and the work that it is currently doing to help mitigate climate change in several different economic sectors.

January 24: Jill Charney, Coordinator of Legislative Advocacy in Massachusetts, will talk about the work that Jewish Voice for Peace is currently doing in Massachusetts and how a local chapter could be formed here in  Maine.

January 10: Members of the Libbytown Neighborhood Association will talk about a process for deciding where homeless shelters should be established in the City of Portland.

January 17: Ethan Stlrimling, Mayor of Portland, will talk about what he hopes the Portland City Council  can accomplish during 2019.   He will highlight the mcajor points made in his recent State of the City Address.

January 3: Douglas Rooks, author of the recently published book Rise, Decline and Renewal: The Democratic Party in Maine, will speak about the book and his thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party in the state of Maine.

December 27: Rebecca Boehm Ph.D, post Doctoral research at the University of Connecticut, speaks on a recently authored research paper on the consumption of meat and what lowering the nation’s meat intake and a more plant based diet could do to reduce carbon emissions.