Community Voices for Change

On Thu from 07:30 pm EST to 08:00 pm EST

Community Voices for Change is a talk show highlighting the work of individuals and organizations working to enhance the greater good of communities. Host Richard Rudolph begins each show with  music from Sam Cooke’s Ain’t That Good News Album -“A Change is Gonna Come”.  The show is also based on the belief that  “Small acts” when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.

Antoine Jefferson works as Radio Engineer.

Next Show

December 13 : Neta Crawford, Professor of Political Science at Boston University, released a research study called the  “Cost of War”.  She will talk about the “Costs of War” and America’s policy of endless war and runaway military spending.  Time will be set aside to also talk about what we should be doing instead such as forging partnerships to address climate change, reducing our nuclear weapon stock pile  and other issues which should be addressed through diplomacy.


Archive Descriptions

December 6 : Ryan Tardiff, Program Specialist and Facilitator at Maine Boys to Men.  Our conversation will focus on how Boys to Men is engaging communities to shift attitudes and actions to end male violence against women and girls.

November 29 : Richard Rhames, producer of public access television programming based in Biddeford, Maine.  He has chaired the Biddeford Democratic City committee for many years, and is a local newspaper columnist.  The show will focus on the work that he does for public access television and the current threat from the FC which is looking to defund access TV by allowing cable corporations to deduct the “inputed value” of access channels and other resources from their franchise fee obligations.

November 22 : Cathy Lee, member of the Maine Climate Table and current Maine lawyer, speaks on the climate systems in Maine and the United States, and what can be done about the underlying issues.

November 15:  Tony Donovan, Chair of  Sierra Club Maine Executive Committee, the founding member of the Maine Transit Coalition, and also a Broker Realtor for KW Commercial.  The show will focus on expanding passenger rail in Maine and the recent Lewiston-Auburn Passenger Rail Service Plan that was  just released last week.

November 8:  Chris Busby, Editor of the Bollard newspaper, will focus on Maine’s election results — What happened, what does it mean, and what he hopes can be accomplished going forward over the next two to four years regarding the most pressing issues that the state and Portland needs to address.