Sara Valentine

Sara Valentine is the current Chair of Theatre at the Department of Theatre at the University of Southern Maine, and is co-host of the Astrology call-in show and podcast Sister Stargazers on WMPG 90.9fm Gorham-Portland. Two of her earliest childhood memories include looking at the moon through the telescope in the family living room, and catching the late night broadcasts of Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler on the local PBS station with her dad before the station signed off. She loves how the ancient science of Astrology offers a way of comprehending the incomprehensible, and also linking our existence to the ever expanding Universe, providing perspective and wonder. As a storyteller and theatre maker, she has a curiosity and appreciation for the traditions of story, myth, legend and archetype, across times and cultures, that continue to bind humankind to the movement of the stars. Sara is a Virgo with a rising sign of Libra.