Jude Valentine

Jude Valentine is a professional artist and practicing astrologer with more than 30 years experience in the study and synthesis of mythology, numerology, tarot and astrology. She is the co-host of the Sister Stargazers podcast and live call-in show of the same name produced by WMPG--Gorham/Portland, Maine, 90.9 FM.

Her dad introduced her to the study of metaphysics by creating numerology charts for each of his children. These handy reference charts identified life path guidance, as well as the strengths and challenges of their personalities, proving to be a helpful and remarkably accurate tool. This, among other things--like the burning of the Ouija Board prompted by her paternal Italian Nana after a Sunday dinner...

It was the Sunday evening The Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show. My petite but formidable Nana took this as a sign of deep cultural decline, shaking her head in a 'no' while looking at the portable black and white television with its grainy image, and pointed shiny 'rabbit ears' hanging off the side of its portable rolling stand. In the living room, the fireplace was blazing and us kids, and my dad, were playing with the Ouija Board. While the Beatles were belting out 'Twist and Shout', Nana turned to her son, who had his fingers lightly placed on one side of the triangular Ouija Board dial or planchette. "Joseph", she said sternly, "throw that thing into the fire! This will come to no good." He was reluctant, saying in a declining tone, "Oh Ma,..." and after a few words back and forth which I don't recall, pitched the board into the flames. Being made of masonite, it crackled and popped. Nana felt vindicated, "There, she said, "Hear that. The Devil was in that thing." Nana was vindicated, she had done her small part to eradicate the social ills of 1964 from her family.

...unfortunately, this incident only confirmed and kindled Jude's lifelong interest in all things metaphysical. Urania's Mirror [www.uraniasmirror.com] is her astro-consulting studio.