WMPG’s founder Howard Allen attended the WMPG 40th Birthday Party – listen to him give a brief history of how WMPG started!

40 years ago Howard Allen was attending USM, then known as UMPG, and was instrumental in creating WMPG!Thanks Howard! On 4/23/14 we had a live broadcast event and community gathering to celebrate the station’s 40th Birthday. Howard attended and was interviewed by longtime WMPG’er Jessica Lockhart.

Click here to listen to the Howard Allen interview

The celebration started at 10am with an hour of special programming originating from the station’s studios. Howard dropped in then and was one of many to stop by.

The broadcast then moved to the Woodbury Campus Center for three hours of live remote radio, featuring a variety of local musical acts in various genres including Samuel James, Sean Mencher, a live Radio Drama (facilitated by Fred Greenhalgh), Pete Witham, David Jacquet and friends, and WMPG DJ Ronda Dale.

The party also featured birthday cakes and a history of WMPG display including news clippings and photos from 1971 to present day! The party was sponsored by WMPG, Portland Student Life and USM’s Tourism and Hospitality program. Students in the TAH 410 Event Promotions class worked all semester to create and implement a marketing plan for our 40th Anniversary celebration.

Thanks to everyone who attended or listened in! It was a great time.


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