WMPG’s Battle of the Bands at USM’s Gorham Campus

Last weekend, the University of Southern Maine’s Gorham campus became a hotspot for music enthusiasts as WMPG’s Battle of the Bands contest unfolded, delivering a night of pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring melodies. As an avid supporter of local talent, I was eager to witness the magic, and the event did not disappoint. Here’s a glimpse into the electrifying performances and the standout winners who stole the show.

From the first chord to the final encore, the stage was set on fire by an array of talent. Guests, One Hundred Thorns, ignited the crowd  with their high-octane performance, setting the bar sky-high for the evening.

One Hundred Thorns performing at Battle of the Bands. See more videos at WMPG’s youtube channel

B!rd, a work-study student at WMPG, soared with soulful melodies, earning them the accolade of Best Vocalist for their captivating performance.



Alma June and the Persian Cats mesmerized the audience with their eclectic sound and magnetic stage presence, ultimately clinching the title of Best Overall Band and winning a spot on WMPG’s Local Motives show.

The night was also punctuated by stellar performances from a diverse lineup of bands. Husky Bus Blues, despite their name, were not bluesy buttook us on a journey with their seamless blend of genres, while Neal Grosvenor entertained with his infectious energy and saxophone grooves.

Slopp Weekend’s guitarist shredded the stage with unparalleled skill, earning them the title of Best Guitarist. Meanwhile, Motherboyheld down the rhythm with precision and groove, securing the award for Best Bassist. And let’s not forget about Tunnel Rat, whose thunderous beats and rhythmic prowess earned them the well-deserved title of Best Drummer.

Battle of the Bands Other notable mentions include Protogoblin, whose experimental sound pushed the boundaries of conventional music, and Motherboy, whose performance left the crowd craving for more as the night came to a close.

What truly made the night special was the sense of camaraderie and community among musicians and fans alike. It was a celebration of creativity, passion, and the unifying power of music here at the university.

In conclusion, WMPG’s Battle of the Bands contest at USM’s Gorham campus was a testament to the vibrant music scene thriving in the local community and at the University! Congratulations to all the talented artists who graced the stage, and a special shoutout to the winners who truly stole the show. Here’s to the next one!

Special thanks to our work study students for organizing this – Devon, Jordan, Monnica, Izzy and to Thad for sound engineering. This was a great student run event as part of USM’s Spring Fling