Welcome Jessica Lockhart – WMPG’s new Program Director!

Jessica LockhartWe are happy to report that Jessica Lockhart has been named WMPG Program Director. Her official start date began on May 16th.

For those of you not familiar with Jessica, she has a long history with WMPG and USM. She currently is a USM Media Studies Instructor for Audio Production. For WMPG she has taught classes in Hindenburg and Audacity, assisted us with managing our Begathons and previously served as WMPG Program Director. She also helps with training the incoming Blunt Youth Radio participants each year.

Jessica is an award winning radio producer including a 2015 Finalist for Audie Awards – Original Programming category. Transparent Behind the Scenes Audible National Endowment Arts Fellowship.  Other productions include radio features that have aired on Maine Public Radio, Prime Time Radio, The Weather Notebook and Sound Health. She has also been an audio producer and editor from 2007-2016 of a weekly podcast for Audible.com and daily podcast audiobook reviews for AudioFile Magazine. Jessica is the national producer for the annual Homelessness Marathon.

We all look forward to having Jessica join the management team to help guide WMPG into our next exciting chapter!