Volunteer Profile: Teresa St Peter

Name: Teresa
DJ Name: Teresa (Tee)
Show Name: Chickens are People Too
Broadcast Time:  8-9 Sat morning 

Local or Transplant?  Maine”ah” all my life (originally from Aroostook County aka “ The County” ) 

What do you do at WMPG?   DJ for Chickens are People Too
(currently I’m also involved with collaborating launching Middle School Mic Drop) 

How did you get involved at WMPG? I received an e-mail from the program director in Sept /October 2012 looking for DJ’s to lead Chickens are People too.   

How long have you been at WMPG? Since 2013

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?  I work with children and families, volunteer as a facilitator @ Center for Grieving Children in TLC, participate in Community Share Garden, Swim, Explore Nature, spend time with family and Friends, create with art, enjoy going to Irish Ceili’s, plays, and performances. 

Why is WMPG meaningful to you?  I enjoy the Community of people I meet connected to WMPG.  I like the Creative Potential as well as providing options geared for Children and families.   

Interview by Annella (January 2019)
Photo supplied by Teresa