Volunteer Profile: Michael Manning

Name: Michael Manning

DJ Name: Goober

Local or Transplant?  Somewhat local, grew up an hour south of Portland

What do you do at WMPG? I currently sit on the WMPG Advisory Board and serve as the Board’s Chairperson.

What does this involve? As Chair of the Board I help formulate budgets and policy in conjunction with management. I preside over the Advisory Board meetings and I also from time to time represent the Advisory Board on the Student Communications Board.   My WMPG work these days is very behind the scenes.

How did you get involved at WMPG? I became involved with WMPG in 2005 as a work-study student.  I was a substitute DJ for some time.  Had my own show on Saturday mornings from 1am to 4am called The Afterparty.  I also represented WMPG on the Student Communications Board.  After graduating from USM in 2007, I no longer produced the Afterpart, but began engineering for public affairs programming.  My public affairs engineering included the shows; Sound Ecology, Safe Space, and Money Talks.  I was asked to join the Board in 2008 and I’ve been involved with WMPG in that capacity ever since.

How long have you been at WMPG? 13 years

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering? When I’m not volunteering, I work in the Advancement office at the University of New England.  When I’m not working, I’m cycling, running, kayaking, hiking, playing in a cornhole tournament, or just hanging out with my wife and two cats.

Why is WMPG meaningful to you? WMPG is meaningful because you will find some of the best music in the state of Maine on WMPG.  The programming is fantastic.  WMPG also has some of the best, and nationally recognized, public affairs programming in the country.  I’m very proud of the quality of programming on WMPG.

Not only is WMPG’s content meaningful, but also it’s status as a medium for people to have a voice in their community and express their 1st Amendment Rights.

Interview by Annella  Date: June 2018