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WMPG Music Yard Sale – Sunday August 11th – 10am to 2pm

It’s time for the WMPG Music Yard Sale! It happens on Sunday, August 11th from 10am to 2pm! The location is right in WMPG’s own driveway and back-yard. We are located at 92 Bedford Street on the USM Portland campus. To make the sale a success we need your donations! Clear away those Records, CDs, Turntables, Amplifiers and Speakers taking up space! You can drop them off at the radio station or have our crack…

WMPG Summer Music Yard Sale - Sunday August 11th at WMPG studios 92 Bedford Street Portland Maine from 10am to 2pm.

WMPG’s 2024 Annual Mardi Gras Cajun Cookin’ Challenge Winner is Bayside American Cafe

Congrats to Bayside American Cafe as they took first place in the WMPG’s Annual Cajun Cookin’ Challenge On Fat Tuesday, February 13th we were so excited to bring back the Cajun Cookin’ Challenge for another year of culinary delight and community celebration. More than 400 people attended and enjoyed this annual event. For the first time we celebrated the party in the new McGoldrick Student Success Center on the Portland Campus of the University of…

WMPG Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Poster
WMPG Mardi Gras Party - Feb 13th USM McGoldrick Center

Husky Chat Podcast launch

As students start to appear back on campus and new students arrive at the University of Southern Maine, we wanted to create a podcast to help new (and existing) students adapt and connect with their new community. Husky Chat Podcast, in collaboration with Student Engagement and Leadership launches August 21s, 2023.  Host, Chris O’Brian chats with different staff/faculty to offer advice and information. 2 episodes are live with more coming soon! Episode 1 with USM Orientation Episode 2…

Husky Chats