Black History Month at WMPG with daily audio features

Our University of Southern Maine (USM) students and DJ’s are honoring Black History Month at WMPG. This year’s theme is Black Resistance.

You will hear specially curated playlists from DJ’s.  Our students are producing audio which will highlight achievements and contributions, including pre-colonial history plus profiles of contemporary figures recognizing people from politics, education, pop culture, sports and other areas.

Shows honoring Black History Month (this list will be updated)

  • Lagniappe (Mon 10am)
  • Mind Fuzz – celebrating Black artists in psych, punk and garage rock. Feb 9th at 5,30pm-7pm
  • the Morning Beat (Wed 6.30am)
  • Loose Leaf (Wed 10am)
  • Bon Ton Roulet (Tue 1pm)
  • Faulty Wiring (Tue 8.30pm)

One way we are celebrating Black History month is by picking out many different people from the Black community and highlighting their stories. From musicians, to writers and actors, you’ll enjoying hearing a bit more about these famous and interesting people.

A Tribe Called Quest


Otis Redding

James Baldwin

Toni Morrison

Bad Brains

Robert Lewis

Featured image includes:

  • line drawing of Louis Armstrong. One of the world’s best Jazz musician.  Born in New Orleans in 1901.  After learning to play the Cornet in his youth he moved to Chicago to pursue his dream of becoming a musician.  
  • line drawing of Bessie Coleman.  Born in 1892 in Texas,  was the first African American women to earn her pilots license back in 1922.  She paved the way for women in aviation.  She loved to perform for people using stunts and aerial tricks.