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Black History Month at WMPG

Our University of Southern Maine (USM) students and DJ’s are honoring Black History Month at WMPG. This year’s theme is Black Resistance.

You will hear specially curated playlists from DJ’s.  Our students are producing audio which will highlight achievements and contributions, including pre-colonial history plus profiles of contemporary figures recognizing people from politics, education, pop culture, sports and other areas.

WMPG's annual Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Cajun Cookin' Contest - Tuesday February 21st

WMPG’s annual Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Cajun Cookin’ Contest takes place on Tuesday February 21st from 11am – 2pm in the USM Abromson building on the Portland campus. All are welcome to come and taste the foods of New Orleans and vote for your favorite. Come taste gumbo, jambalaya and more! Be ready for a King Cake, Beads and party favors supplied by WMPG! Stay tuned for more details. If you are a restaurant and want to participate send an email to stationmanager@wmpg.org for more details.

WMPG proud to sponsor Wabanaki Stories

WMPG is proud to be a media sponsor for Portland Ovations’ Wabanaki Stories.

The land and waters known as Maine have been home to Wabanaki People for over 12,000 years. This vibrant production of Wabanaki stories and music spotlights five Wabanaki artists coming from several different nations and traditions. Musician Tania Morey (Tobique) sings of the Wolastoq; Jennifer Pictou (Mi’kmaq) regales with spirit stories told in the company of a large puppet; Dwayne Tomah (Passamaquoddy) shares stories that showcase his native language, Passamaquoddy; and Jason Brown aka Firefly (Penobscot) electrifies with cutting-edge technology blended with ancient frequencies. Director, artist and author Chris Newell (Passamaquoddy) intersperses each with music and narration.

WMPG schedule refresh

Beginning Tuesday January 17th, you will hear new shows alongside your favorites – some have moved into different times and days.

Why are we mixing things up?

WMPG is turning 50 this year, and we wanted to return to our roots, offering radio that is surprising, eclectic, and truly local. We are radio made by community and University of Southern Maine members.  Thanks for being the world’s best listeners!  Take a peek at our new schedule.

WMPG offers MLK day Special programming - Monday January 16th

Monday January 16th is Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

WMPG will offer special programming to honor Reverend King’s work on civil rights and equity. Tune in from 10am-noon to hear volunteer Michael Cuttings extensive collection of music and speeches. At 1:30-3pm, USM student Shannon Craig will present his take on civil rights and the ongoing struggle. Then at 4pm, we will play King’s complete speech from 1957 titled “Birth of a New Nation.”

WMPG Year in Review 2022

WMPG Wrapped 2022

by Caroline Davis (USM Theatre Student and Work Study)

As 2022 comes to a close, we here at WMPG would like to thank our volunteers, business supporters, listeners, and the community of the University of Southern Maine (USM) for their support. It’s been a very successful year for us, and we could not have achieved everything we have without your support.

WMPG back on-air - thanks CMP crews!

Thanks to the hard working CMP crews WMPG power is back on at the transmitter site! Missed a couple of your favorite shows yesterday, just check out our archives where they are available on-demand. Hope you are all warm and safe.

Celebrate Community Change Makers

During this fundraising drive, we want to celebrate Mainers who are doing great things in the community


Who are the change-makers in Southern Maine? 
Join WMPG to celebrate, and to connect to, Mainers who are transforming our world.

USM's Osher School of Music- concert

WMPG featured a live remote broadcast of the Dr. Alfred and D. Suzi Osher school of Music’s Joyous Sounds for a Festive Season. The concert took place on Tuesday November 29th at the Cathedral of St Luke in Portland. Directed by Dr. Nicolas Dosman and featuring the Osher School of Music Choral Union singers

WMPG's Jazz at the Movies

Next month (Dec), our Jazz at the Movies (JAM) team present a series of jazz films over the coming months.  Kicking off the series, is Charles Lloyd: Arrows Into Infinity on Sat, Dec 3rd at 7:00PM at the Portland Conservatory of Music ( 28 Neal Street, Portland).

Beyond the Hook - Episode 5 - Willie Nelson

The C Word

Hi, we are moving back to the country in today’s Beyond the Hook colucast or (column/podcast) and my name is Jon McKenney WPGM intern. I hesitate to use the c word when referring to music because many people refuse to give country music a chance. I’ve heard it said a bunch of times, “oh, I like all music except country” or “country, god no!” or I can’t stand the twang, or it’s a bunch of hillbillies, or the cowboy clothes or the lost love, or truck driving, or drinking songs.” But that is a very snobbish attitude. Give country music an honest try. If you like rock and roll, blues, or folk, then you’ll like country. It’s American Roots Music. Country and the other genres I mentioned are like identical twins; it’s almost impossible, at times, to tell where one ends and the other begins. Country married R&B and Rock and Roll was born. I don’t want to beat a dead dog but many rockers have sung country and if you don’t believe me just ask the Beatles.

Beyond the Hook - Episode 4 - Tems

Beyond The Hook  # 4 by Jon McKenney


Hi this is Beyond the Hook and I am Jon Mckenney..

I had never heard of today’s featured artist until I started asking around to see what music some younger more traditional students listened to. I received a number of replies but today’s colucast (column/podcast) stars a female singer, that generated the most excitement. The person who originally suggested today’s performer is a graduate student and assistant at The ROCC; which by the way offers a free lunch every Thursday 12 – 1 at Sullivan gym; Abedom Gebreyesus. He said something like this, “I’ve got one! You should do Tems.” To which I said, “who?” He replies, “bring some culture into USM radio station and put Tems in there!!!” Then a couple of days later I was at the WMPG on campus radio station and I asked if anybody had ever heard of Tems and only one person answered. A work study student: Kayla Bogart, the youngest person in the room said, in a burst of excitement, “oh she’s great, I was just listening to her this morning.” Well, that settled it; Tems, otherwise known as Temilade Openiyi, is in the house.

Community Change Maker - Sergio Cahueque

Sergio Cahueque is our first Community Change-Maker at WMPG!   Sergio Cahueque has been nominated by a long term listener and donor.

Sergio Cahueque is a grassroots organizer for Defend Our Health in Portland, Maine..  That means he is the one who talks to people who have been impacted by PFAS on their farmland, lead paint in their apartment, or arsenic in their water. And what makes Sergio exemplary at his job is his genuine empathy.  His ability to listen with an open heart makes people feel comfortable.

Music Commentary

Hi my name is Jon McKenney with the latest version of Beyond The Hook. A hook is: a musical or lyrical passage, or a riff, that is repeated and designed to catch the ears of listeners
and reel them in, and this song has a world class hook. I chose today’s song because it is a perfect example of what a hook is. I guarantee that once I tell you what it is you’ll say, “OMG of course I know that phrase, I’ve heard it a hundred times.” I toss superlatives around like confetti but this hook and the singer who is best known for the song are icons in the world of popular music. I am not exaggerating when I say that this ballad has been covered by hundreds of artists and here are just a few: Dolly Parton who wrote it, Beyonce, Linda Ronstadt, LeAnn Rimes, Gloria Gaynor, Melissa Etheridge, and Celine Dion, who puts the most into it. But the woman who is best known for performing Dolly’s musical masterpiece is Whitney Houston. You guessed it; the song is I Will Always Love You and if that phrase — which we all know, “I will always love you” — doesn’t stir some emotion in you; you need help.

Fall Fundraiser (Begathon) - Oct 18-24


Thank you for donating during our fall fundraising.  Mail is still trickling in from the post office so we don’t have a final figure yet but we are currently sitting at $63,000!  Big shout out to all of you donors including our sustaining donors. Hip hip hooray! (repeat 3 times)

Music Commentary

Hi my name is Jon McKenney and welcome to the first installment of “Beyond The Hook.”

A hook, sometimes called a riff, is a repeatable phrase or melody that draws you in and hooks you. I am an English major, and I am working as an intern, here at WMPG, that requires a writing component and my first assignment is to hit the ground running and produce a colucast or a (column /podcast). The beauty of the job is: I can write about a topic that I am passionate about so I will be forcing you to listen to my opinion. If you don’t like it or disagree or on the off chance that you do agree let me know.

Jack Hutton's Restaurant of the Week: Benkay Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant

Radio Host, Jack Hutton’s Restaurant of the Week:  Review of Benkay Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant

Author: Jack Hutton (USM Student and host of No Longer Dangerous) and Kayla Bogert (USM Student)

There is just something about traditions that make a dining experience that much better. Benkay  Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant is masterfully decorated with traditional Japanese art and architecture. Combined with a sense of ambience and comfort that will transport you to a different time. Much like the Samurai proudly displayed out near the hostess podium, the Sushi chefs on staff are chiseled warriors. Disciplined in the art of their craft, one that takes decades to master. Wielding blades sharp enough to slice bone but gentle enough to perfect each and every cut of raw fish. That is why I couldn’t recommend more that you should sit right at the Sushi Bar and watch them work. It is nothing short of magnificent culinary artwork. Benkay does not skip a beat, the serving staff are timely and aware, with smiles that make you feel at home and ready to share this experience.

Latinos con Rosita

It’s Day 5 of Begathon and we need your help to reach our target of $60,000.  We are slightly over halfway there and need your help.

WMPG programs shows like Rosita’s Latinos where she plays Latin music and gives information for Hispanic Mainers. Rosita was recently featured on News Center Maine’s Hispanic Month features.

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