Donate Your Car, LP’s and Other Stuff

Want to donate your car to WMPG and have us turn it into radio? Call 1-888-WMPG-AUTO. You will receive a tax deduction and WMPG can keep your favorite radio station running. What better way is there to deal with that old car. To make it easy we’ve teamed up with the friendly folks at The Center for Car Donations who coordinate this effort. The Center will sell your vehicle and pass on 80% of the proceeds after associated fees such as towing, auction and administrative fees as a donation to WMPG.


Here’s a few other things we need:

LPs, CDs, Stereo gear like Turntables, Speakers, Microphones

Have some records and CDs that you don’t listen to anymore or perhaps an old stereo or turntable. WMPG is always happy to help you unload your no-longer-wanted records and CDs. These donations help expand our record library, and also create a healthy source of revenue at our annual WMPG Record Sale. Your generosity and show of support for WMPG radio will be rewarded with both a hearty slap on the back and a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution. If you have LPs, CDs or 45’s in good condition that you would like to donate, please e-mail our Station Manager Jim Rand or call him at 207-780-4424.