Global Grooves

On Mon from 8:30 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST


Global Grooves with Elaine and Rick

Global Grooves is dedicated to promoting music from all over the world!

We believe music is the soul of humanity.

Music is the universal language, displaying the vast emotional spectrum that all humans share.

Every Monday evening, from 8:30 to 10:00pm, Elaine and Rick bring you the latest and the most beloved tunes coming from the people of the Earth. Many times it is what is playing on the popular stations in Japan, Mexico, Scandinavia, the islands of the South Pacific, the infinite regions of the Indian subcontinent. Other moments we share the folkways of traditional Chinese orchestras, African communities, and Native American drum circles.

We love it all. We do our best each week to blend it into a fun and thoughtful food.

Peruse our archives and enjoy, from the past five weeks, complete Global Grooves programs, our mix of the music that grooves the globe!

Here is the Spinitron link providing you with the artists and songs we play on each program.