Ba Yin Box

On Sun from 12:30 pm EST to 2:00 pm EST
With: DJ Connie

Ba Yin Box | 八音盒 – Chinese Music ShowPosterArt

(Victoria and Cruz del Sur is on a 6 month sabbatical Oct 2017 – Mar 2018)

Ba Yin Box, 八音盒, plays a wide variety of Chinese music, 中國音樂 — from ancient to contemporary, traditional to modern, folk to rock, featuring artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas.

Ba Yin Box is a Chinese word for music box. “Ba Yin” means eight sounds. Ancient Chinese classified musical instruments in eight categories: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and skin/leather, so “Ba Yin” symbolizes all the musical sounds in the world.

DJ Connie will also have guests on the show regularly to discuss China-related topics, such as Chinese culture, language, arts, food, and current affairs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email czh012[at] or call (207) 780-4909 during the show. 谢谢收听!謝謝收聽!

Recent Shows (Most shows have playlists on

Nov. 19: 谢谢/感恩 Thank you/Thanksgiving songs and music. (Playlist)

Nov. 12: Buddhism themed or inspired music, featuring He Xuntian 何训田, Chyi Yu 齊豫, Xu Wei 许巍 and more. (Playlist)

Nov. 5: Flower-themed music: wild roses and lilies, orchids in an empty valley, jasmine, sunflowers and more. (Playlist)

Oct. 29: Soundtrack of Farewell My Concubine; interview with Jordan Schiele (Bowdoin ’07), a Beijing-based filmmaker.

Oct. 22: A special BEGATHON edition with a variety of music mixing elements across genres and borders, including banjo artist Abigail Washburn, soprano Juliet Petrus 朱丽叶 and indie singer-songwriter Wang Yujun 王榆鈞  and Luo Yousheng 罗友生. (Playlist)