WMPG’s Fall Begathon Ended Tuesday Night but There’s Still Time to Give!

First a huge thanks to everyone who donated to the Fall Begathon. Without all the help from all you wonderful listeners, area businesses, volunteers on the phones and of course the fantastic programmers we wouldn’t have had a Fall Begathon! To date 831 donors have pledged $41,049! Wow – we do love begathons and this one was very exciting with all the happenings going on around USM!

Now the bad news – we didn’t reach our $50,000 goal. This was a high goal for us but to make our budget for the year we do still need to raise the additional $9,000. If you didn’t get a chance to call in we are still taking donations. You can call (207) 780-4424 or do it online right here on our web page.

Also if you’d like to become a WMPG Sustainer Donor and make monthly donations you can do it also. More and more people are opting for this method and we do appreciate it. You can spread out your donation over time and unsubscribe whenever you would like to! Saves WMPG from mailing fees and is green friendly to the earth! Thanks.

Community radio stations like WMPG, volunteer-run and open to all– are becoming rarer as the pressure is on for even community radio stations to be focused on homogenous programming and revenue generation.

WMPG is diverse, broad in its content, and serves as a forum for those whose voices aren’t heard elsewhere. From live bands, to live interviews, WMPG is how members of our community communicate with our neighbors. WMPG is an important asset to the health of our southern Maine communities.

WMPG belongs to all of us: It’s our responsibility to take care of this asset, this unique and precious resource. There are so many ways to get involved, and a few times a year, we ask you to make a financial contribution to WMPG Community Radio and keep it healthy for the sake of community connection, free speech and public access to the public airwaves.

From our humble beginnings 40 years ago in a dorm room on the Gorham campus of the University of Southern Maine, WMPG has grown to a broad-reaching, eclectic radio station offering music, public affairs, talk and news programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WMPG’s recent power increase now brings our signal from York to Augusta and west to central New Hampshire.

WMPG maintains its regular programming during Begathons, but the programmers plan special features and often have special gifts for listeners who pledge during their show. “The emphasis is on fun,” says Jim Rand, WMPG Station Manager. “Celebrating radio that is the voice of the people of southern Maine. That’s what you’re supporting when you call.”

To mail a check directly to us send to:

WMPG Begathon
96 Falmouth St.
Portland, ME 04104

If you are inspired to give a substantial gift to WMPG, please contact Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director at 207 780-4151.

We also would like to thank the following businesses for helping out WMPG during our begathons!

Salvage BBQ, Margaritas Brown, Aurora Provisions, The Holy Donut, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Coffee By Design, Tony’s Donuts, Silly’s, Bintliff’s American Cafe, The Great Lost Bear, The Works Bakery and Cafe, Flatbread Pizza, Sea Dog Brewing Company, Rosemont Market & Bakery, One Longfellow Square,State Theatre, Portland Asylum, Salvage, Gritty McDuffs, Sebago Brewing, Port City Music Hall, Stone Mountain Arts Center, CYBERCOPY, Po’ Boys and Pickles, Granny’s Burritos, Congress Bar & Grill,
Standard Baking Company,774-8129, 559 Brighton Ave & 75 Commercial Street, Portland, ME
Bogusha’s Polish Restaurant, 825 Stevens Avenue 878-9618 Portland, ME

FMI Contact: Dale Robin Lockman 207.780.4151 or e-mail development@wmpg.org


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