Celebrate with WMPG in 2023!


Party plans for 2023

Nov 4th – Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) event, culminating at Urban Farm Fermentory (more details to follow)

Dance Party

Dance Party

 Alongside the parties, we have also curated a year-long celebration featuring a range of special events and programs that highlight the station’s remarkable journey and pay homage to the community it serves. The anniversary festivities include:

  • Retrospective Programs: WMPG will broadcast a series of curated shows and unforgettable moments from its extensive archives, allowing listeners to relive the most significant milestones in the station’s history while reminiscing about cherished memories.
  • Alumni Spotlight: The station will showcase the achievements of its talented alumni who have gone on to make a mark in the broadcasting industry and beyond. Through interviews and profiles, listeners will gain insights into the lasting impact of WMPG on their careers and personal growth.
  • Community Engagements: WMPG will host a variety of community events – broadcasts from local gatherings and partnerships with grassroots organizations. These initiatives aim to deepen the station’s connection with the community and encourage collaboration among Maine residents.
  • Special Programming: Listeners can look forward to broadcasts featuring renowned local musicians, thought-provoking interviews with influential community figures, and engaging discussions on topics that resonate with Portland’s diverse population.
  • Website, Facebook group, and film dedicated to celebrating 50 years of WMPG featuring artwork, ephemera, stories and more

As part of the anniversary celebrations, WMPG invites its valued listeners, esteemed alumni, dedicated volunteers, and the entire community to join in the revelry.

Throughout the year ahead, the station will actively engage with its audience through social media, ticket giveaways, and opportunities to share heartfelt memories and stories about the station’s profound impact on their lives.