Valerie Cartonio Reviews Amajacoustic by Clan/destine

By Valerie Cartonio

This is the third release for this band out of Tempe, Arizona. Last year they walked away with a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) for Best Pop/Rock Recording of the Year. Recently, “Clan/destine” was nominated for Best Duo/Group of the Year.

Amajacoustic is a wonderful blend of sweet guitar sounds mixed with traditional instruments : flute, rattles and hand drums. This is by far the very best recording Clan/destine has done. The music is crisp and fresh, adding a couple of tracks with traditional vocals and chants. This is an all around “perfect blend” of the traditional and contemporary Native American music. There is very little “Rock” flavor, if any, on this CD; which in the past is what most of their CD’s featured.

This band has been around for a while and has perfected it’s sound! Out of nine tracks on this CD, eight have received airplay on “Echoes in the Wind”. For you Native American music enthusiasts, run to the stores for this CD!

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