Underwriter Profile: Lee Auto Malls, Adam Lee

Lee Auto Malls

One of the first things I noticed when I stepped into Board Chairman Adam Lee’s office was the beautiful nature photography displayed on the walls. Turns out it’s his work. But more about that later.

First, I was interested in finding out how a business partnership that started with a handful of used cars on consignment, and about $1,000, became a company with 14 new car franchises, 13 used car dealerships, and the highest volume car sales in all of Maine.

Lee Auto Malls has been family owned and operated for three generations. But as Adam Lee explained to me, more than 50 years of family work ethic is just part of the story. He credits the company’s commitment to unparalleled customer service with much of the company’s success.

Just how serious is Lee Auto Malls about customer service? To make sure that each customer’s car-buying experience a positive one, there’s an owner in every new car location. Every customer call and email is answered, personally. And owners and managers even share their email and cell numbers with customers.


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