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Jazz at the Movies presents Buena Vista Social Club

WMPG’s Jazz At The Movies and The Portland Conservatory of Music, in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, invite you to join us for a free screening of “Buena Vista Social Club” on Saturday, Oct. 7th, at 7:00 PM,

Jazz at the Movies
Jazz at the Movies

JAM – Jazz at the Movies April 29th

In celebration of International Jazz Day, WMPG’s Jazz At the Movies (JAM) will be showing the film “Blue Note Records- Beyond the Notes” on Saturday April 29th at the Portland Conservatory of Music.  This movie is about the Blue Note Record label, but it is more about the Blue Note founders and the chemistry between them and the great musicians that recorded on this label.  This is truly a case where the musicians made the record label what it became because the owners gave them the freedom to create.  It is proof that great things happen when creative people connect through music and freedom of expression.

Jazz at the Movies - Blue Note Records film Beyond the Notes. Saturday April 29th 7pm

WMPG’s Jazz at the Movies: Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song

Sunday July 17th at 7pm WMPG’s Jazz at the Movies and the Portland Conservatory of Music will be showing the movie Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song.

The film is an excellent portrait of the amazing life of Thomas Chapin’s and his incredibly talented musical compositions and performances. The drummer in his trio, Michael Sarin will join us for a Q&A following the film.

WMPG’s Jazz at the Movies

Jazz at the Movies (JAM) team present a series of jazz films over the coming months.  The next film is on Feb 18 at 7:00PM at the Portland Conservatory of Music ( 28 Neal Street, Portland).

WMPG Jazz at the Movies