You Listen To Our Radio Show At Night / A Cold Moon

On Wed from 10:00 pm EST to 11:30 pm EST


Tess and Lilly have somewhere between nothing in common and everything in common. From their sense of humor, to their plans for the future, to their taste in music. You never know what to expect when Tess and Lilly take over, but you’ll be guaranteed only the grooviest of tunes, and if we play our cards right, a really good time.

and on alternating weeks

A Cold Moon.
Hosted by Henry, bringing you screamo, indie rock, punk, metal, and folk.


Ryan Kneeland

Hey Shane! Do you ever play new hip-hop that is performed in a more traditional way? Just curious!


Fort Higgins

Great show tonight! Unique Unknown was 🔥🔥 love what you’re doing for the local hip-hop community. I have been a beat maker / producer for over 15 years and would love to get more involved with local Artists! Keep the movement going brother the hip-hop culture is very much alive!!


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