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Global Grooves– dedicated to promoting music from all over the world!

We believe music is the soul of humanity.

Music displays the vast emotional spectrum that all humans share.

global groove elaine and rick

Global Grooves with Elaine and Rick

Every Wednesday evening, from 8:30 to 10pm, Elaine and Rick bring you the latest and the most beloved tunes coming from the people of the Earth. Many times it’s what’s playing on the popular stations in Japan, Mexico, Scandinavia. You might hear the islands of the South Pacific or a bit of the infinite regions of the Indian subcontinent. Other moments we hope to share the folkways of traditional Chinese orchestras, African communities, and Native American drum circles.

We love it all. We do our best each week to blend it into a fun and thoughtful food.

Peruse our archives below, and enjoy from the past five weeks, complete Global Grooves programs, our mix of the music that grooves our ears!

Here is the Spinitron link providing you with the artists and songs we play on each program.

Here’s the click for this week’s Billboard TOP 15 World Music Songs with further links to listen!

Some of our current favorite Global Music Artists:

global grooves jamaicaKoffee–Hip Hop and Reggae from Jamaica

global grooves africaSjava–South African Hip Hop Sensation


Aya Nakamura–French-Malian Pop

Keep listening for more Faves!





You are blowing our minds every Saturday morning. This is everything we’d be playing if we were playing DJ. Thank you!


Same sentiment entirely – keep the Jeff Tweedy /Wilco/Golden Smog/yada coming!

Chris Dombrowski

Excellent mix of music this morning. Stumbled on your show by accident, but I’m a weekly listener now!

Francine Del Corpo Saravia

Hi Rick. Just saw your invite to listen in. My husband and I are really enjoying your wife and your show!


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