Soul Mates

On Wed from 08:30 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST


Ben & Steve present Soul Mates. Offering up a cross section of Soul, Blues & R&B flavors – from stone cold classics to the very latest releases. They strive to play the kind of soul-inspired sounds you just don’t get to hear anywhere else.
Yes mate! Continuing a rich multi-generational tradition at WMPG…

Alternating weeks with Ben & biG steviE

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You are blowing our minds every Saturday morning. This is everything we’d be playing if we were playing DJ. Thank you!


Same sentiment entirely – keep the Jeff Tweedy /Wilco/Golden Smog/yada coming!

Chris Dombrowski

Excellent mix of music this morning. Stumbled on your show by accident, but I’m a weekly listener now!

Francine Del Corpo Saravia

Hi Rick. Just saw your invite to listen in. My husband and I are really enjoying your wife and your show!


Really enjoyed the show tonight (until I drove out of range.)
Heard one track around 8:45, the last track in a set, and thought I heard the DJ say it was called: “What Kind Of Music”.
Having a devil of a time googling that as a song title. Help please!


Hey Anton!
Thanks for listening!
I think the track you were asking about was by Tom Misch &Yussef Dayes. It’s the title track of their LP “What Kinda Music”. I routinely post the playlist on Spinitron.

Cynthia Gengras

We’re a bit sad the show was moved from Saturday evenings to late Wednesday nights…but our plan is to ‘listen in’ on their weekly show Saturday evenings!

Steve Frantz

After 26 years of Soulmates on Saturday night [I’ve been doing it for 24 years] it’s a bit strange doing Wednesday “late night”. There have been “8 Soulmates over the years. Ben’s been on for 5 years. Too many conflicts on the weekend / using subs so we just moved the show. Lots of people using the archives these days so you can listen any night except in the car. Glad you enjoy !

Cynthis G

Your fans understand and appreciate how long you kept us grooving live on Saturday evenings!


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