Steve Frantz

Born and raised in St. George /Tenant's Harbor, Maine.
Early musical interests & background: My mother sang in many of the community events in St. George accompanied by my grandmother on piano. More impressive was my grandmother's fully loaded Hammond organ in her bedroom which she would learn all the latest pop songs from the 50's & 60's to entertain us. Hands flying on Dual keyboards, chain smoking Pall Malls - She could dance on those bass pedals ! Both of my brothers are musical with one being a college music major & is a professional musician.
I like ALL types of music but was in a high school garage band in the 1960's playing SOUL music. Isolated in Maine - Soul and British invasion was the best thing going on late night AM radio coming out of New York. I had several high school friends who could really sing - so SOUL was what we listened to and played trying to accompany them.
For a boy from Maine I've been lucky enough to have seen Ike & Tina Turner back in the day, Sly and the Family Stone in 1970, the Neville Brothers at Tipatina's 1979 , Stevie Wonder at the Cumberland County Civic Center, being at James Brown's funeral at the Apollo NYC Dec. 2006 and seemingly everything in between.
I've also been fortunate to have traveled the world experiencing many musical forms such as the Fado bars of Portugal, steel drum parades in Trinidad, all things Chinese from Shanghai to Tibet, Barber/Tuareg desert rhythms of Northern Africa, several Mardi Gras in New Orleans & Central America , and my all time favorite magical music place - Cuba.
I am very glad that I am able to share what I enjoy with you.