Invisible College Radio/ NPILAR

On Sat from 08:00 pm EST to 09:30 pm EST


Invisible Collage Radio Tune in to tune out and get wyrd every other Saturday 8-9:30pm with Invisible College Radio. Thee Secret Chief aka Ren has explores dark dungeons and strange corners of the Internet to bring you the weirdest in goth, post-punk, electronic, and dark psychedelia! Join him as apprentices and co-conspirators as we do the work of the microphone and the transmitter.

alternating weeks- NPILAR started in 2012 as an analog radio program recorded on cassette tape co-hosted by artists Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter. Now on the real radio, Anne and Pilar discuss a variety of interesting and mundane topics, respond to queries from listeners, and play eclectic music that follows no real predictable pattern.