NPILAR/Diamonds in the Dust Bin

On Sat from 06:30 pm EST to 08:00 pm EST


Alternating weeks:

NPILAR started in 2012 as an analog radio program recorded on cassette tape co-hosted by artists Pilar Nadal and Anne Buckwalter. Now on the real radio, Anne and Pilar discuss a variety of interesting and mundane topics, respond to queries from listeners, and play eclectic music that follows no real predictable pattern.

Diamonds in the Dust Bin specializes in obscure, overlooked and otherwise forgotten music from all over the world. Expect to hear haunted country, mutant mashups, yugoslav synth punk, japanese noise, english folk revival, cambodian rock, american lofi, free jazz and so much more often in one show! A musical gumball machine of time, space, genre and locale brought directly through the air to your home, car, office, barn or backyard by simply tuning to exactly 90.9 on your Frequency Modulating capable radio equipment.