On Mon from 10:00 am EST to 11:30 am EST
With: Eydie


DJ Eydie May presents: Lagniappe — a little extra music in the morning.
Playing music from New Orleans, jazz + more…

Lagniappe is a cajun word used in the New Orleans area meaning “a little something extra”. Mark Twain wrote about the word Lagniappe in Life on the Mississippi. He said “we picked up an excellent word, a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get, a nice limber, expressive handy word – lagniappe”. Twain further described how New Orleanians used the word when engaging in business transactions. He said customers would say “give me something for lagniappe”.Merchants responded by giving them “a bit of licorice root, a cheap cigar, or a spool of thread.” Today, it would be that extra bagel in a bakers dozen.

The Lagniappe Show is true to it’s origins- at the core, its soul is New Orleans and Jazz; and, true to the meaning of the word, we’ll give you a little somethin’ extra too.