Foot On The Rock/The Night Train

On Fri from 05:30 pm EST to 07:00 pm EST


Foot on the Rock:  The 70’s were a pivotal time in American history. Wracked by record inflation rates, American imperial folly, an oligarch-led war on labor, the rise of neoliberalism, and the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, what could the music of 1970’s America have to offer us today, right? Right. I’m Eric. Join me every other Friday for the best in 70’s funk, soul, jazz, and rock. Each week we might pay tribute to a legend, go breakbeat excavating, celebrate an unheralded 70’s session musician, dive deep into a single year from the decade, or just groove and find solidarity in the rhythm of the one. That’s Foot On The Rock every Friday from 5:30 to 7 pm, only here on 90.9 WMPG.

The Night Train Show: On alternating Friday’s, jump on board The Night Train with Southern Maine’s Dynamic Duo, Bill Audette (left) & Rockin’ Rick Scala (right).  Starting at 5:30 pm, you’ll get a 90-minute, thematic chapter from The Night Train’s legendary, and extensive, History of Rock & Roll audio files – mostly from the 1960s and ’70s.  And remember: It’s the platter-chatter that makes it all matter!  Call the Boss Hitline to make a song request: 207-780-4909. Or, you can send your comments and song request to Bill & Rick via an email:

And remember: If you can’t tune in while these shows are in progress, you can still listen to these shows after the fact.  You can go to WMPG’s web site, where you can listen whenever you want: – click on LISTEN, then STREAM A RECENT SHOW and finally, from the programming grid, you can click on the show you want to listen to.