Jump on board The Night Train every other Friday evening at 5:30 pm (EST) with Southern Maine's Dynamic Duo, Bill Audette & Rockin' Rick Scala. Bill & Rick will give you a 90-minute, thematic chapter from The History of Rock & Roll (mostly 1960s & '70s). Bill & Rick have been spinning all the platters that used to matter on The Night Train since 2001. And remember: It's the platter-chatter that makes it all matter!

You can jump on board The Night Train by tuning in your community radio station, WMPG: Radio from The University of Southern Maine [90.9 FM and online at]. You can also go to WMPG's website/archive to stream (listen to) any of The Night Train's last five shows - whenever you want!

Remember: To make a song request or a comment, call the Night Train's Boss Hitline at 207-780-4909.