Donut of the Heart

On Thu from 11:30 pm EST to 01:00 am EST


In the still of the night–the Donut of the Heart.

Every week, Nick serve’s up America’s favorite breakfast treat at the midnight hour.


Nathan Mattor

Given that obsidian isn’t a solid but rather a very viscous fluid then an obsidian vortex is technically feasible. But wouldn’t the high viscosity dissipate the fluid helicity long before it formed even even the faintest trace of a complete cycle typically associated with a vortex? Perhaps you’re envisioning a highly magnetized form of obsidian, where the A.B term dominates the v . curl(v) term.

But less seriously, where do you dig up all this great music?


I often visit your website and have noticed that you don’t update it often. More frequent
updates will give your site higher rank & authority in google.

I know that writing posts takes a lot of time, but you can always help yourself with miftolo’s tools which will shorten the time of creating an article to a few seconds.

Nathan Goucher

thanks for reminding me – i keep dreaming these lofty conceptual ways to format the website then never get it comitted to code… i’ve put up an “Under Construction” notice and I’m trying to figure out what’s next for the site!!

Hunter J.

Nate you’re doing amazing bro. Loving the music, and its awesome that there’s always a time when it’s on and not just sporatic subbing.

Melissa A Martin

Hey there Buddy,
Melissa from music retail days-Cumberland Electronics, Play It Again, CD Authority…just wanted to stop by and say hi. I am smiling knowing you are still doing your show. Hope all is well with you!


Motek from London here … another fabulous show at the BatCave …!
Where better to start the show (any show…!) than with “Being Boiled”…
Keep up the good work…


Motek back here … another fabulous BatCave… just caught your June 9th show (long story). good to hear “Isolation” again, but i have to tell you the last 45 minutes were the most inspiring and complete stream of audio magic I’ve heard in a long time … and i’ve been listening to the radio for a LONG time.


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