Ron Raymond Reviews Don’t you know who I think I was? Best of the Replacements by The Replacements

The Replacements
Don’t you know who I think I was? Best of the Replacements
Rhino Records, 2006
By Ron Raymond
WMPG Music Director

Minneapolis rock heroes The Replacements (led by a rock hero in his own right, Paul Westerberg) have had a best-of compilation before (the fantastic 1997, 2-CD Reprise collection All For Nothing, Nothing For All immediately comes to mind), and I know what you’re saying – why review a compilation that’s already 2 years old? Well, in April 2008, the good folks at Rhino reissued deluxe editions of all of the band’s great early Twin/Tone Records albums Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Stink, Hootenanny and Let It Be. And in honor of that, I thought for those folks looking for a starter course on the music of The Replacements, they should start with this great collection Rhino released before the reissues.

In addition to such great early songs as “Color Me Impressed,” “I Will Dare” and “Within Your Reach” (which was later featured in the movie Say Anything), Don’t You Know also features the best of the band’s Sire/Reprise years, with songs like “Alex Chilton,” “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “I’ll Be You” and four songs from the brilliant 1985 album, Tim. The album also features 2 new recordings (as of 2006): “Message To The Boys” and “Pool & Dive.”

I think that once you listen to these 20 songs, you’ll be ready to snag the rest of the great Replacements collection. Truly one of the best best-of collections put together.


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