I migrated from my homeland Puerto Rico, arrived to Connecticut in 1988 and found the opportunity to be familiarize with public radio. A group of “new friends”, that were established in Hartford, Connecticut for a while, were at the same time acquainted to such medium of community service connection.
Back in 1989, I began my personal experience in Public Radio at WRTC, 89.3 FM (Trinity College Radio) as a collaborator with a friend Mary Zayas.
There, I learned to manage the “Table Board” and in the long term was able to produce a show. At the same station, I was invite to co-host another collaboration with Ismael Santiago who was a well-known music lover. Those previous opportunities opened doors to host and produce my first radio show named - SONORO and housed at Central Connecticut State University-WFCS 107.7 FM.
As a writer collaborator of “El Que Pasa” community Newspaper in Hartford, CT., I was invite to host a weekly “radio capsule” with news or a topic of interest to the Latino community through a Spanish commercial radio station. Such opportunity provided the mobility to host & produce a one-hour live talk show, named “De Mujer a Mujer con Glaisma”. During five years, the talk show was a venue for information to the Latino community at WRYM - 840 AM; the oldest Spanish-speaking radio station in the region.
From 1992 through 2012, Glaisma was an integral part of the Spanish-speaking program at WFCR 88.5 FM (NPR); from collaborator to host/producer of TERTULIA, the only live-Spanish speaking show through NPR in the east coast, today known as New England Public Radio.